"Can Do" Photo Album

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Furnished by (David) Mervin Key (Entry #1):
Two Roks and a Pebble     Soldiers "At Ease"
Some of the Gang    Able in June of 1952
News for Blacks?    News for Whites?
News for Them!    News for Whom?
My R&R - Version for Mother    My Rest and Recreation
Of Cabbages and Kings    Ends and Odds

Furnished by J. C. Poe (Entry #2)
On Top of Old Baldy    Baptism of Fire
Poe at Work    Uniformed Poe - Twice
Regrouping - 50 Years Later    Able on the Imjin

Furnished by Richard J. Lawrence (Entry #4)
300 Pound Gorilla

Furnished by James McGlew (Entry #5)
Two Roks and a Jim

Accidentally furnished by Sherwin Arculis (Entry #6)
Arc and Co-Pilot    Arc, Roger, and Buddies
Korean Stories    Memories of War

Furnished by Richard Snyder, a brother, and Dudley Snyder, a nephew of
*(Gerald) Dudley Snyder (Entry #8)*
His Korean War Memorial Page    With One Twice
Snyder and ?    Basic Snyder    Snyder at Work and Church

Furnished by Randy Willis, a first cousin once removed of
*Arthur Phillip Hanks (Entry #10)*
Phil in Korea and at Home

Furnished by Lendon P. Pearson (Entry #11) through J. C. Poe (Entry #2)
Christmas Dinner 1951
Pearson and His Stars    Easy Duty

Furnished by Fred Hofheinz     (Entry #14) through J. C. Poe (Entry #2)
Fall to Winter    Refugees, Snyder, Key, and a Goat
Refugees Plus - Again    Fred's Gang    Guys You Ain't Behind
The POW (and how!) Place    Fred and Bob

Furnished by Herbert T. Wilde (Entry #16)
Herb & Houseman    Houseman & Young
The Road to Little Gibraltar    6 & 9 at Practice

Furnished by Henry H. Yoda (Entry #19) through Aaron "Art" Ekelchik (Entry #52)
Get Me With Your First Bullet!!
The "Treasures" of Henry Yoda's Son

Furnished by R. C. "Pat" O'Connor (Entry #21)
"Pat" Plus on Hill 355

Furnished by Oscar C. Jones (Entry #22) through J. C. Poe (Entry #2)
The Silver Star    Then and Now Jones

Furnished by Sam Kellogg (Entry #29) through J. C . Poe (Entry #2)
Sam, a River, a POW Camp, and a Jeep
Sam, His Buddies, and a Tank

Furnished by Henry H. Burke (Entry #30) through Sherwin Arculis (Entry #6)
A Reunion, By George!    Christmas Cards

Furnished by Jay Parrott, a son of Edwin A. Parrott (Entry #32)
Ed's Gang    Ed and Gil Beforehand
A Parrott, a Twigger, and a Porky

Furnished by John Bellflower, a son of Vito Bellflower (Entry #34)
Vito in Wheels and a Cornfield    Support for Grunts
Vito in Reserve

Furnished by John Doherty, a son of Robert Doherty (Entry #35)
High Road to Korea    Low Road to Korea
Robert and Mates    Hills and a River
A Badge and Two Medals

Furnished by Richard Coate (Entry #36)
Soldier's Watch    Foxholes and Choppers
Dick Coate at Work    Flow Gently Sweet Imjin

Furnished by Bill Ballinger (Entry #38)
Bill and His Mates    Greetings Not From Home

Furnished by Owen Reginald ("Reg") Kitchener (Entry #41)
Reg Remembers    Reg and His Mates
Reg and His Mates at Work    A Gun and Roses
Hill 355 Changing Hands Peaceably
Ying and Yang


Furnished by Frank Pearson (#45) for the deceased J. C. M.  Johnston (Entry #43)
Flower of Scotland

Furnished by Owen "Reg" Kitchener (#41) for the deceased Frank Pearson (Entry #45)
A Frank Pearson Remembrance

Furnished by Bart Soto, a friend of the deceased Carlos Betances (Entry #46)
A Short Biography of Carlos Betances-Ramirez

Furnished by Bart Soto, a friend of George Jackson (Entry #47)
Pomp and Circumstances

Furnished by Leroy Keeney (Entry #51)
Digging on 355 and Bathing in the Imjin

Furnished by Mark H. Pease (Entry #53)
Pease to Hill 355    Pease on 355

Furnished by Mario DeSantis (Entry #54)
Me - Two Buddies - Three Snafus

Furnished by George Knight (Entry #55) through J. C . Poe (Entry #2)
Knightbirds and Nori 

Furnished by Prentice D. Carroll (Entry #56)
BARS and Angels      A Christmas Carroll

Furnished by Owen "Reg" Kitchener (#41) for the deceased George Philipson (Entry #58)
George Philipson

Furnished by Daniel Wolfe (Entry #59)
L on the Imjin    The Men in Love

Furnished by John H. Clark (Entry #63)
Near Dagmar and Beyond Nori

Furnished by (Lawrence) Leland  Harper (Entry #65)
West of the Imjin    Blue Reservations
East of the Imjin    Farther East of the Imjin

Furnished by Robert "Bob" Tartaglione (Entry #66)
If Money Holds Out, Luck Will Change

Furnished by Donald Elmer (Entry #69)
Don and His Buddies

Furnished by Don Booth (Entry #76)
My Bunch in the 15th Infantry Battle Patrol

Furnished by Leroy Bunders (Entry #78)
Don't Carry Me Back

Furnished by Pedro Santana (Entry #83)
More of the Story

Furnished by Paul Roach (Entry #85)
Some of My Buddies

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