Sam, a River, a POW Camp, and a Jeep

MK note: These six photos were furnished by Sam Kellogg (#20) to J. C. Poe (#2) and by Poe to me. Sam was (and, at heart, still is) a Co A 15/3 guy. Of course, that fact makes him and these photos special to me and I am glad Sam gave his permission for them to be here.

The notations (referred to below) on the photos were made by Sam before the photos were sent home to his wife, Mary. MK.


On the back of this one, Sam wrote, "This is your lovin' husband standing near his home." His home, of course, is a bunker overlooking the Imjin River and a large valley between O. P. Kelly (and other hills to his right) and O. P. Nori (and other hills to his left).


This one (marked "my bunker" by Sam) was taken a few feet closer to us than was the one above, and the picture taker has turned a little to our left, towards the Kelly side of the valley. This bunker, home for some of the guys in the 60mm Mortar Section of the Weapons Platoon, was behind the position of the 2nd Platoon. My usual bunker home (at this time) was in the next draw, directly between Sam's home and Hebert ("A-bear") Two, the small hill just across the river.

Photo on the left: On the back of this one, Sam had written, "And this is your husband in the P. W. Camp. You can tell people I am a Prisoner of War somewhere in North Korea - ha ha."

Photo on the right, just above: This blurred photo which is here only for sentimental reasons, Sam's and mine too, Sam marked "P. W. Camp".

On the back of this one, Sam had written, "Myself and one of the Squad Leaders of the gun section. He is from N. Y. City. I don't know what I am doing there." Poe added that it is Sam on the right and Sgt Lavelle on the left. I suspect, by looking at the tents and the building in the background, that this photo also was taken at the POW camp. Sam also was a Squad Leader in the 60mm mortar section.

This is Sam, about forty-eight years later, at a better home - in Nebraska City, Nebraska. He's in front of his "Parade Jeep".

I wish I had the original photo (instead of a machine copy) to scan; I want a better look at the markings on the jeep - maybe later.

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