Some of the Gang

MK comments: This photo was taken in June, 1952. It's one of my few that lasted for nearly forty-nine years. It was taken in the rear area (maybe at Camp Casey - someone in the Bunker may remember where) as our Battalion was moving from duty guarding POWs to our next job which turned out to be to get to the top of Outpost Kelly.

The photo is of guys in our Squad and, as usual, I am the one in the big middle; and, I think the guy to my left (your right) rear is Snyder, and that the only one working (hunched over behind) is Grover.

Jim McGlew (#5) email add-on (29 Oct 2001): Hi, Merv. I don't think this photo was taken in Camp Casey because I remember Casey as being quite flat (except that it had a slope all in one direction) and that it had little or no trees or vegetation. Of course, after 50 years I might be wrong. What do you think? Jim.

MK email reply to Jim (30 Oct 2001): I think you are right. I thought some more about it and now think that we were at or on the way to a blocking position north of Casey and that the photo was taken after the photo of all in Able Company (next photo) was shot. Merv.

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