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These pages will cover my contract bridge escapades: a misspent youth learning to play; my first attempt to go straight by giving up the practice of law (the agony of which is detailed in the Courthouse page) and, in 1958, founding the Bridge Studio of Houston with Dick Sutton and, later, G. R. (Bobby) Nail; and, my tournament bridge playing days - including, of course, playing in the 1962 World Team-of-Four Championship at the Barbizon-Plaza in NYC against (we were North America) Italy's famous Blue Team, England, and Argentina. However, that may be of limited interest to non-players (but, of great interest to those precious few of my old-time bridge buddies who are still around) so I'll skip this one for a while although, as a lady whom I last saw in 1953 said to me at the time of our parting: "I'll be right back."

www.okbridge.comMeanwhile, if you want to check out my bridge playing these days, or even if you don't, but are interested in learning, playing, or watching good bridge, just click on the banner to the left.

How contract bridge contributed to my miss-spent youth: (26 July 2004) Part of the story that goes with my very earliest days at the bridge table and tells something about the folks who were part of those days is on what I call the Deal the Cards page. The page also has some (at least to me) precious photos and news clippings featuring those folks.

Number 1 escape from law in 1958: (26 July 2004) The story that also goes with those early days is partly told on a page that features more (at least to me again) precious old photos. They,  mostly, were sent to me by "Big Julie" (at the time) Key, and are on her Big Julie at Work page.

    A Photo Finish Show

The Bridge Studio of Houston: (26 July 2000) The very early days of the Bridge Studio of Houston are mentioned and some more photos of the nice folks who spent their money there are on the Nailing It Down page.

The 1962 World Championships: (09 Feb 2000) This big deal is better explained on its own page where there is a briefly description of the along with photos of the team of North America, of Italy's Blue Team, and of what I call A Victory Ball for the Good Losers, so visit it.

Name dropping: (19 Feb 2000) From time to time and in no particular order, I'll add links to information and tales about some other famous or infamous characters, all of whom I played with or against in my heydays as a bridge player, and some of whom earned most of their fame or infamy in activities or events other than bridge.

A Duke, a Knight, a Count, a murder mystery: (28 Jan 2000) This paragraph is a kind of an aside, but its inclusion is fair because its true story is one of renown and revolves around a very avid bridge player - Count Alfred de Marigny, who didn't like his title very much, liked to be called Freddie, and was charged and acquitted of the very famous 1943 murder of Sir Harry Oakes. Freddie was not only a bridge playing friend, but also a fun social friend. In fact, late during a 196? night of carousing, when just the two of us were left sitting, he filled me in on the details of the whole gory tale; but, as luck would have it, I was too drunk to remember the details when sober. Late in life, he finally told the tale to Mickey Herskowitz who wrote a book based thereon. I may add material hereto if interest in that is shown by my visitors. There are plenty of ways to research the tale, but here's a link to a quickie: Town of Two Knights.

Another murder, another play:

Only a kidnapping and a contraceptive pill:

A football player and a whiz kid:

Back to law non-hiatus, 1962-1967:

Memories of my favorite partners: (3 Oct 2001) When I get around to finishing this, I'll tell tales of John Hathorn, Dick Sutton, Bob Stucker, Bobby Nail, and Harold Rockaway (a/k/a Rocky, The Good Doctor, and Tunes). None of them are now around to call me a liar.

I'm back: (17 Jun 2002) After more than eight months away, I'm back to mention some other name drop partners that I played tournament bridge with from time to time: Dave Carter, Oswald Jacoby, Jim Jacoby, Bill Grieve, Curtis Smith, and the guys I forgot about.

Bridge players ain't nosey:

But some are paranoid:

A little revenge: (04 Mar 2003) A short note to tell you to visit a page with a March 1971 Bridge World article by Michael Ledeen. His article gives several very interesting hands played by some folks all of you tournament players will recognize. Click on A Performance Nearly Repeated.


Deal the cards: (15 Dec 2003) I've started a new photo gallery consisting of old newspaper articles featuring bridge hands played long ago, but still interesting enough for you to click on Hands Still Remembered to have a look-see at the ones I've posted to date. 

Don't deal the cards: Keyway

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