A Victory Ball for the Good Losers

Here is a view of the fancy party after the 1962 Bermuda Bowl (contract bridge team-of-four world championship held at the Barbizon-Plaza Hotel, New York NY). We, North America, were second to Italy's famous Blue Team and beat Argentina and Great Britain. The song we were trying to bellow was, "Arriverderci, Roma" - Eric Murray liked to lead sing-songs (usually barracks-room ballads) and I'm a sucker for violins, so I was half way hiding behind him and joining in. Directly across from us, and enjoying our rendition, was my favorite partner and non-family person, Bobby Nail, and another dear friend, his wife Betty.

Sharp-eyed OLDheimers will catch a glimpse of other folks whose names most bridge players have heard - like, maybe, Fishbein, Ripstra, or Leventritt. The older coot on the right in the upper right photo was General Alfred M. Grunther (I hope I spelled his name wrong.) who, at the time I was in the Army, was its highest ranking officer - which reminds me of the Irving Berlin tune, "I've Got My Captain Working For Me Now".

                North America Team
        In the inset (a halo?):
John Gerber, NPC
Standing (left to right):
Charles Coon
Mervin Key
Ron von der Porten.
Seated (left to right):
Eric Murray
G. Robert Nail
Lew Mathe.

  Italy's Blue Team

Benito Garozzo often plays on OKBridge under the screen name, "papi". Of course, nearly all of the others in these photos don't play bridge anymore. Where did everyone go?


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