A Photo Finish Show

MK comment (25 July 2004):Recently, I tried my best to remember when and where I was embroiled in a three team round-robin in the finals of either the Vanderbilt or the Spingold. On the net, I found the two teams who were first and second in the 1960 Spingold, but no third place showing. However, finding out the identity of the members of those two teams made me think that, maybe, I had learned the answer to my big puzzlement.

Noticing that Bill Grieve, one of my old buddies and a sometimes partner, had played on the 2nd place team in that event, I emailed the ACBL, told them my problem, and asked if anyone could put me in touch with Greevy.

Jean W. Patterson, the Customer Service Manager at the ACBL, was kind enough to send me a clipping from the last daily bulletin of that long ago event and, further clipped by me, here it is:

Only the winners got a photo op. Charlie got the big cup

The article refreshed my memory about many other things during that tournament, all non-card table events. When I get the news that a couple of other people have predeceased me, maybe I'll tell tales about events that happened on the airplane to Los Angeles and at the Ambassador Hotel, the Coconut grove, and the Brown Derby. MK.

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