Outpost Nori

Note: Another edited photo, like the Kelly photo, courtesy of Bart Soto.
I notice one big difference in the view between the time of this photo and 1952.
In 1952, about 200 A Co guys were spread from the left edge to the bend in the river.

This photo (on it's left side) overlaps the Outpost Kelly photo. If I'm not mistaken, when I arrived here 24 Dec 1951, the mess area for Able Company was just this side of the small rise in the lower left corner; and, I had a damn good meal there the next day - turkey and all the trimmings. On the extreme left, just across the Imjin River, you can see a little bit of Betty and Nick; and, a little farther to the right (also just across the river) is Hebert (pronounced eh-bear) Two, which I also have identified in the Kelly photo. Thanks to Poe, I now know where the company warm-up bunker was located - about in the middle of the photo and just this side of the bluffs along the river; and, I can make out two draws, each of which held my bunker home from time to time. Also about in the middle of the photo, but just across the river, you will view a small rise, then, behind it, a hill known to some as Little Nori, and then, a little further back, the larger hill known to some as Big Nori. Nori (our name for Big Nori at the time, and Little Nori not having a name then known to us or, at least, to me) was the only outpost for Able Company in the first few months of 1952. The smaller Hill 117 is the hooked hill just past Nori, and Hill 121 can be made out some past there. We had our problems on all these hills to the right of the valley, but not nearly as many as Baker Company was then having on Kelly or as Able Company had when we got there.

You may go to Captain Pearson's Map  to view a copy of the map that was carried by Captain (now a retired Major) Pearson on his person during all the time he was the Commander of Able Company (15th Inf Rgt) and it was positioned along the Imjin River. MK.

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