"Our Hills" 1951-1952 Map

MK note: Please don't be hard on Sherwin "Arc" Arculis (#6) just because he can't remember where he got this great map. He tried to find out if it came to him from J. C. Poe (#2), from Owen "Reg" Kitchener (#41), or from some other kind soul, but neither of them and nobody else in the Bunker could remember sending it to him. Besides that, I couldn't remember what he said when he first sent it to me months ago; so, let's drop this whole subject without giving credit for the map to anyone but Arc, my best what, when, and where source re the doings of the 15th Inf Rgt and the whole 3rd Inf Div in Korea.

Arc added the handwritten notes and the yellow marks to the map. I added only the red Xs and made one two many (ugh). The red X on the extreme left and bottom of the map correctly marks the location for the twin peaks of Hill 355 - the one nearby is a "never mind".

Arc was kind enough also to furnish, for the benefit of you map enthusiasts, the Grid Coordinates given below the map. MK.

                                                                                                              * Big Nori - CT 215235
                                                             * Kelly - CT 197223
                    * Hill 317 - CT 179220 (Maryang San)
      *Hill 355 - CT 174189 (Kowang San)

Arc told me by email: When I first became interested in resurrecting the Korean War out of the sebaceous tissues of my atrocious intelligence, I went to a map store to see what I could find. All I could even order was a 1:500:000 aviators map. So I bought it. Then, I started cruising the net and found maps at the Library of Congress, but $30.00 a sheet was too much to bear. MK was in business by then and Cpt Pearson's Map showed up and other guys joined the Bunker. Someone, God bless him, came up with this map. It is superb with all the gridlines and contour lines clearly shown. Whenever we get a location question about "our" area, it is my first reference. Using this map along with Pearson's map, one  can usually pin down an exact location. Sketches and hand-drawn, non-scale maps may fill in details, but the real thing only comes from these two maps. They are the IBB basic texts for me. And so, ole Tonto Pal-O-Mine, that's my story for the map. Arc.

MK late add-on (27 Sep 2002): A couple of the 3rd Bn guys have pointed out that I didn't make the map go far enough north to catch some of the hills north and east of Nori that some of the 3/15 men were on at times from the last half of July 1952 until late Sep 1952. That egged me on to make the page "Our Hills"  from Kelly to Nori - Map and Introduction which gets that job done and much more. That page is also linked to below.

"How do they expect a skilled operator to work with inferior equipment?" (W. C. Fields) MK.

MK add-on (14 Sep 2002): You may visit  Cpt Pearson's Map to see a copy of the map he carried on his person while commanding Co A of the 15th Inf Rgt during the winter of 1951-1952 when it was positioned along the banks of the Imjin. On that map, he later marked, for our benefit, the location of more of "our hills" (shown but not marked here) lying west of the Imjin and, roughly, between Kelly and Nori ("Big Nori" to some). MK.

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