This is a photo (owned by Kevin) of my Mother in, I would guess, the late 1960's  I think that is her nurse's uniform worn by her during the thirty plus years she worked for Dr. Abner Burg, a fine gentleman who was helpful, in a big way, to me from time to time. The background music ("My Buddy") was Mother's favorite song. I don't know if it was her favorite because I was known as "Buddy" or if I was known as "Buddy" because it was her favorite song.

I, noticing the hair-do, think that this photo probably was taken in the early 1960s.

It probably was taken in Richey's Market, which was located in Houston's East End and near the intersection of Canal Street and Wayside Drive (68th Street) for many years. Most of my memories of Richey's are from the 1940s.

Mother had some buddies who worked there and played for it's lady's softball team from time to time.

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