Four Generations

(08 Feb 2000): This is a 1957 photo of: "Cochise", Kevin Scott Key; his daddy, "Buddy" or "Choctaw" or "Mervino", David Mervin Key (me); his grandmother, "Che-ah", Velma Lucille (Smith) Key Stone; and,  "Mama",  Alma (Houston) Smith, his great-grandmother.

I called Velma "Mother" because everyone called Alma "Mama". Kevin, who was raised by my mother nearly as much I was, called her "Che-ah", at her request, while he was being "Cochise".

There always has been a lot of first name confusion in my family. For instance, I was "Buddy" to the whole family (and still am to all my cousins) because a first cousin, whose name was Clarence David Key, Jr., was "David" or "Davy", and the name Mervin just wouldn't have cut it during those days in North Texas and Oklahoma. My Daddy solved some of the confusion in re Davy by calling him "Peanuts". Oh well, a tumble weed, by any other name, would still roll along.

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