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Kids I didn't deserve.
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Opening remarks: (20 Jan 2000) I purloined the discoball image from Shannon's Cyber-home and used it  as the relevant link from this page because, at the time, it was the only website birthed by any of my progeny. Now, in addition to visiting my number one daughter's site, you also can visit (if you promise to return) Cochise's Lame Home Page. He's Kevin, my number one son. Maybe Adam (son number two) and Jenny (daughter number two) will come aboard later. (08 Feb 2000): I nearly forgot to mention that Tim Vasquez, Shannon's soul-mate, has a fantastic personal web site, linked to on Shannon's home page, which is my excuse for the forgetfulness. You can visit by clicking Tim Vasquez.

A good deal for a lazy man: (03 Aug 2004) Adam finally got around to making his own web pages and he's already got his Owen David Klier Key photo album going at Adam and Becky. So, I'm through posting on this page unless Jennie gets some photos to me before SHE has her own web pages.

Cochise and his tribe: (10 Jan 2004)
Four Generations
   Kevin in 1957Cochise in 1957   Happy 5th BirthdayCochise in 1962   From the halls of .....

One of the Two KeepersOne of the Two Keepers   David Moves   Brian With Hat   Three Key Boys   Just Maui'd
(03 Aug 2004) For more, visit Cochise's Lame Home Page.

Shanny, Timmus Magnus, and ?: (23 Jun 2002)
Tiny Shan - Big Eyes   Shannon and Jordie at Rokeby   Shan-Shan by Tim   Shannon Likes Redbuds   Shannon and What'sHerName   Shannon at Her OU Graduation
(03 Aug 2004) For more, visit Shannon's Cyber-home.

Adam Had 'em, Becky, Vida, Opie, and ?: (23 Jun 2002)
Adam With His Pepsi bottle    Adam's 20th Birthday    Adam's 25th Birthday    Adam, Becky, Vida, and OpieAdam, Becky, Vida, and Opie    A Wedding Group    "Bebe" Makes Three"Bebe" Makes Three
(03 Aug 2004) For more, visit Adam and Becky.

Jen-Pen and ?: (23 Jun 2002)
A Gift From Jenny       Jenny Contemplates a Butterfly      California Gold
(03 Aug 2004) Anybody have more Jen-Pen scans to go here?

Two mothers, with or without permission (23 Jun 2002):
I'll Never Forget What'sHerName I'll Never Forget What'sHerName

Interminglings (23 Jun 2002):
Adam & Jenny       Guy and Dolls PlusGuy and Dolls PlusGuy and Dolls Plus

(03 Jul 2002) My photo gallery is in the Indian Page.

C'mon, Mervino's Gang, post some Grandkid shots.

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