I'll Never Forget What'sHerName

One of these days, this cartoon will be followed by some photos of the mothers of my children.

It's lucky for me that both gals have a keen sense of humor.

Neither of them is amused, however, whenever I say something like, "I was married to <insert name> for more than <insert number> years and I don't regret a day of it!!! The day I don't regret was <insert a date>".

I think that the each of them will answer the query presented by the lyrics to the background music ("Who's Sorry Now?") with  an emphatic, "By God, not me !!!!."

A sense of fairness obligates me to offer some background music which is much more apt - just click on this: - or even this: .

(05 Jul 2002 add-on) Well, no photos yet so here's a cartoon sent by ex #1to celebrate my resent internment. I guess that's George and Martha Greene having the conversation.

(21 Mar 2005 late late add-on) Well, finally, some "golden oldie" photos:

Big Julie at Work  Gold in California .

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