"Bebe" Makes Three

Yep, It looks like I'll be a three time WINNER!!! Becky sent me this picture (which she entitled "bebe.jpg") as an attachment to this  email:

Adam & Rebecca and Opie & Vida would like to announce the arrival of the latest edition to their family unit.

Is it a kitten, a horse, a puppy, a chicken? Well, not really, but it does kind of resemble all of these at this stage of its development.

At the request of my nephew we will be calling he/she Coop until it is born
but yes, we are having a baby. Becky.

MK: I guess she named the picture bebe.jpg because Coop is only a temporary name.

Well, Adam, Rebecca, Vida, and Opie, you have made me happier than I was before getting the news. Coop's Grandma on the Key side is about to come apart at the seams with happiness. MK.

Becky email update (6 Dec 2002): As you can see, Adam and I are oh so thrilled. I'm not sure why we had such solemn expressions - maybe because we had just stuffed our bellies full of Mexican food and cake. This was taken on my birthday about a month ago. I'm currently at 8 months and wishing I could sleep without feeling a little leg or elbow jamming itself into my side - not talking about Adam or Opie. :).

... just counting the days now ...

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