Grandma Key and Her Kids

Below presented is a photo, taken 21 Oct 1927, of Sarah Esther Marsh Key, who was a Grandmother of me and my all of my first cousins on the Key side of my family, and of her eight children then living. Another daughter, Birdie, had been born 24 Feb 1900 and had died 17 Oct 1900 (at less than one year of age).

It seems certain that, by  the 21 Oct 1927 date of the photo, it must have been was taken when the family gathered in Hobart, Oklahoma, to attend the funeral of David Mervin Key, my grandfather, who had died there on 20 Oct 1927, the previous day.

Grandma Key and Her Kids

I think (subject to correction by a cousin whose has a parent in the photo) that the folks pictured are: (left to right in the back row) Luella, Francis, Earl, Sarah ("Grandma"), and Jeremiah ("Jake"); and, (left to right in the front row) Belle, Tom (my father), Lucile, and Clarence ("Smokey").

I knew all of them very well and, as a child, I often lived with my Grandma Key at her farm near Roosevelt, Oklahoma, and also, from time, with all three of my aunts and Uncle Clarence.

Here is another photo of my Grandma Key. I don't know when it was taken. Help, Cousins?

The Marsh Family genealogy records say that Sarah Esther Marsh was born in Osage County, MO 21 April 1873, and died 03 Feb 1960 in Roosevelt, Oklahoma at 86 years of age. She married David Mervin Key in Steelville, MO, 3/07/1894.

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