Captain of the Band

MK comments: (13 Jan 2004) Because I am in a hurry to get the photos on this page to you and, therefore, decided to announce this page as a work in progress, I'll date my comments as I make them.

(15 Jan 2004) First, I'll give you a choice of whatever music you want to hear while you are visiting here. All, except the last four, are versions of a composition which, in the symphonic band version, makes good use of a Baritone Horn. Just click on one or more of these:

Midi Versions

1812 Overture (theme only) - Tchaikovsky  1812 Overture (complete) - Tchaikovsky
Beautiful Blue Danube - J. Strauss    Bolero - Ravel
Finale of 5th Symphony - Dvorak     Semper Fidelis - Sousa
Thus Spaketh Zarathustra (featured in "2001: a space Odyssey) - R. Strauss

Wav and MP3 Versions

The Marines Hymn - Offenbach      Stars and Stripes Forever - Sousa
Star Spangled Banner - U. S. Marine Band 1953
Yokohama Baby - a 1952 parody   Arirang - a Korean folk song
Cigareets and Whiskey - Tim Spencer   A Family Tradition  - Hank Wiliams, Jr.

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