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"This crowd ain't fair."
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San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize, where I homesteaded for more than eight years and where my heart will partially remain always, was settled first (after the Maya) mostly by landowners from the mainland and Mestizos fleeing the Yucatan Caste Wars. For the fascinating history of Belize -from the Maya to the British pirates and their slaves, who were the original immigrants, to the other peoples who migrated in from Yucatan, Caribbean Islands, Guatemala, India, China, Portugal, and elsewhere, including the Confederate States of America, and from its status in political limbo to its being British Honduras, then the British Protectorate named Belize, and finally, in 1981, an independent member of the British Commonwealth- you may study the ambergriscaye.com web site, which you can access by clicking on "Bestbird" (moving its beak on my home page and above here) and from which much of the material for this page was permanently borrowed. But, watch it - you can get lost in there and never find your way out; that nearly happened to me. Of course, I knew very little of that Belize history stuff until a while after I first went there and fell in love with the place.

Facts and maps the easy way: (10 Feb 2000) Either now, while you're here, or later, as you travel along on the Bestbird pages, you owe it to yourself to view, at least for a while, Facts and Maps for Belize & Ambergris Caye. That web site, like this Bestbird site, features both Ambergris Caye and San Pedro, but has links to data about all of Belize.

Index to Bestbird (03 Mar 2000) Here is an index to the twelve pages (plus an aside) that tell the saga of my life, times, and survival in Belize, and explain why I titled those pages:

This crowd ain't fair.

A non-private aside to: Shannon Mara Key

Page One: Finding it and liking it.

Page Two: A gringo's big meal and big ideas.

Page Three: Mo' money, mo' Memphis, mo' meals, mo' work.

Page Four: Get ready, get going, get there.

Page Five: Starting to build and trying to learn.

Page Six: If money holds out, luck will change.

Page Seven: Finishing what I wished for - whew!

Page Eight: A year with what I wished for - ugh!

Page Nine: Hot dogs! - a lottery, a pig, a cat, a duck.

Page Ten: Selling out, getting back, surviving.

Page Eleven: Flags, kids, movie folks, and a monkey.

Page Twelve: Minding the claws of the tropics.

Page Thirteen: I'll be right back!

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