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Memorials posted in the Korean War Project.

KIA 4 Feb 1952

Submission 3966 (12 Jan 2000) by John Fennimore:

I was with Crouch when he was hit. It was the same night as Hanks and Dudley were KIA on OP Kelly. We were very close to the top when we received a tremendous barrage of shell fire from somewhere along with small arms fire from the Chinese above us. I will always know that the shells were short rounds as it was too heavy for the Chinese. Crouch and Dudley were hit at the same time and, although we were within a couple of feet of each other, I was missed. We received many other casualties that night, but Dudley and Crouch were two special people and my bunker mates.

I know now that we should have tried to get in touch with families; but, we only knew first or last names at that time and there was no internet to search with.

MK add-on: We in Able Company heard all the noise that night from our positions on the other side of the Imjin. It wasn't until a few days afterward that we began to hear rumors about how bad it was on Kelly that night, and only now (nearly forty-nine years later) has its horror touched me in a deeply personal way. Hanks is Entry #10 and Dudley is Entry #13.

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