IBB Last Man Club

MK note: I am sure that taking a cup of kindness from our bottle will prove to be an event well worth living for. Surely he that does, or those that do, will have kind thoughts for each of us who does not have the pleasure of joining in that celebration of many well lived years.

Click the Pierre Ferrand logo above to learn about that fine vintner, premier cognac making, and our fine bottle of Pierre Ferrand Abel. One of the things you will learn there is that the twice distilled spirits inside our bottle, like the few other bottles of Abel, had aged in oak casks for an AVERAGE of FORTY-FIVE YEARS before being put inside the hand blown glass bottle and corked.

Because of that fact and the fact that the bottling of our particular bottle probably happened about 1999 or earlier, it is certain that some of the distilled grapes now inside our bottle were on the vine when we were treading "our" hills along the Imjin River.

An easy search on your favorite searcher will lead you to some (favorable) critiques of our bottle.

The image below (not quite true size) is of the lid to the wooden box which protects the good stuff from the things that peer and go "bump" in the night. MK.

The Roster

Carlos Betances (#46)    08 Jul 1910    28 Oct 2001
Lendon Pearson (#11)    17 Jan 1919    27 Mar 2003
George Jackson  (#47)    02 Apr 1924    6 Sep 2008
Frank Pearson (#45)       17 Oct 1924    21 Sep 2004
Owen Kitchener (#41)    30 Jun 1926
Vito Bellflower (#34)      18 Nov 1928   27 Jun 1982
Mervin Key (#01)             13 Aug 1929   21 Oct 2006
Sherwin Arculis
(#06)     17 Nov 1929
Mario DeSantis (#54)      28 May 1930
Sid Vaughan (#28)          11 Jul 1930    08 Jun 2003
Harold Jackson (#7)        28 Jul 1930
Colin Demaline (#57)     30 Oct 1930    07 Apr 2004
Donald Sonsalla (#03)     10 Feb 1931
Prentice Carroll (#56)    04 Mar 1931
Johnny Johnston (#43)   28 Mar 1931   11 Jun 2002
John Burke
(#42)              16 Sep 1931
Ronald Taylor (#18)       08 Jan 1932    07 Jan 2003
Bill Ballinger
(#38)          17 Feb 1932
J. C. Poe (#02)                    07 Aug 1932
Mark Pease (#53)             25 Sep 1932
Leroy Keeney (#51)         09 May 1935

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