My First Fish

This is the very first fish I caught on Ambergris Caye. The deed was done shortly after Christmas Day of 1977.

Our guide was "Junior" Muņoz, with whom I had made arrangements for the trip while buying drinks for Susan and myself (Junior feigning abstinence) in the Paradise (our abode on our first two trips to San Pedro) Bar.

This (buying the drinks) was easily accomplished by shouting, "Dos mas, por favor", which was all the Spanish I knew at the time, even though I was aware that everyone in the bar spoke very good English; and, for years thereafter, every time Junior greeted me, it would be by his shouting, with a big grin, "Dos mas, por favor."

The boy was just a niņo from the village. He came running up to be in the picture, which Susan took.

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