1959 San Pedro South

This is a closer view of the south part of San Pedro in 1959. The clearing to the left served (and, although very much changed since I first landed there in 1977, still serves) as the airstip. When my family joined me in 1980, we lived in a house which I am sure was the third house from your left in this photo. I had rented the house from Liborio Azueta to prepare for their arrival. After my family had to leave and I moved out too, but while I was still in San Pedro, the house burned down. Fidel Ancona tells me that the site now has a two story building which is leased to Jerry McDermott for use by his real estate company.

The house just to the south of us was occupied by folks who worked at the small clinic next door and on the other side of them. Later, while I was still in San Pedro, the Lions promoted and got completed a much better clinic and a residence for a full-time doctor. Those buildings were located alongside the airstrip. Since I left in 1987, a brand new and expanded clinic has been completed.

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