Class of 1946

Here I am, right in the middle of things again.

I am afraid (for many reasons) to give you the name of others in the photo, except to tell you that our valedictorian, Paul Wilber, then my best friend, is second from the left in the middle row and passed away in 1980.


For the background music on this page I'm thinking of someone in the photo - not Paul.

The one that I was thinking about when I added the background music to the last page ain't here either, but our Class Poet is.

Although I'm afraid to point her out for fear of making a blunder, I will let you read her Class of 1946 poem.

You are welcome to make up your own mind as to the poem's quality. I won't give you my opinion for fear it might cause  you to prejudge whether or not the poem is a keeper.



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