Winter Line 1951-1952 Map

MK notes (21 Oct 2001):
This map from "Third Division in Korea" was found and sent to me by Mark H. Pease (#53).

It seems to jive fairly well with the memories of the guys in the Bunker in these respects:

1. The First Commonwealth Division was on the line just to the west of Hill 355 and various units of the 15th Rgt of the 3rd Div (usually the 2nd Battalion) were on and just to the east of Hill 355.

2. A little further to the east, from where the MLR met the Imjin River and on along its bank to where it takes a sharp bend to the northwest, was the usual location of the 1st Bn of the 15th except for when it was relieved for a time by the Greek Battalion which was attached to the 3rd Div.

3. Along that bend in the river and then on to the northeast, the MLR was usually manned by elements of the 7th Inf Rgt, including the Belgian Battalion attached to it, and of the 65th Inf Rgt.

If I have misstated any of these community memories, will the individuals holding them please let me know? The part I am absolutely sure about is the location of A/1/15/3 that winter. The details of that are on my "real time" map linked to below. MK.

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