Elvi's Kitchen

This is the way the part of Middle Street near the corner that had the phone booth looks today. The booth was just to the right of the photo and exactly on the corner of the block, with some space between it and the casa of the Staines, giving the Staines family room for a front porch and a small front yard between the casa and the corner with the phone booth. The upstairs of the casa had their living quarters and, behind the first doors you see in the picture, "The Burger Isle" was located. It had only a small counter and a few barstools. The larger kitchen behind was where the work of making the burgers was visibly done in a clean and efficient manner - usually by Senora (Elvia) Staines, who, of course, is the one and only "Elvi" of Elvi's Kitchen. For some reason, however, I always felt more comfortable addressing her as Mrs. Staines, and Senor Staines (Enrique) as Mr. Staines. The next two buildings, now part of Elvi's, were not there in 1980; but, early in the 1980s, Mr. Staines built a small building from which he sold various sundries including liquor by the bottle, and the expansion of Elvi's also began in earnest. Where the second building in the photo is located, a thatch covering and outdoor dining area with tables soon appeared. You may have gotten the impression that I was against all change in San Pedro; but, the growth of Elvi's, with its ever expanding menu, was a development of which I heartily approved and frequently enjoyed. Who knows? Maybe, one of these days, I'll check it out again.

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