The den of a "peaceful" lion:

(02 Nov 2000)
The lion standing in the middle of Front Street is Abel Guerrero and the lovely lady with him is his lovely wife Martha (another sister of Fidel Ancona). I'm getting tired of telling you, each time I mention a San Pedrano or a San Pedrana, that he or she was a good friend, so I ain't gonna do it any more.

 They are standing in Front Street beside the Lions' Den and its BBQ cooker, which appears to have been moved into Front Street for purposes of the photo. The stories that go with the Lions' Den location and with the location (in the photo) just across the street from the Lions' Den are (or will be) told in pages linked to in the Flag 7 entry to the San Pedro 1959-1987 photo.

An add-on: (6 Jun 2002) I was wrong about why the BBQ pit is where it is. It now seems that it is now permanently in the spot you see it and where it was when I finally got back to San Pedro in August of 2002. At the spot where Abel and Martha are standing, I ran into a group of Lion friends who were thirteen years older than when I last saw them and joined partook of a serving of their great chicken, which they still cook over coconut husks. While there, I also got to visit quickly with several other old buddies who chanced by - no names mentioned for fear of leaving one of them out.

San Pedro 1959-1987